Dana is a family and children's photographer in the Memphis area. She has been photographing professionally for two years and enjoys every minute of it. She works primarily with natural light and shoots occur on location.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Anyone reading that has an opinion on which size photo is better please let me know. The larger ones are nice to look at but they seem to take lots longer to upload. Please let me know your thoughts. Here's a gorgeous sunset photo for you to look at while thinking. Thanks. D

B's Session- Bartlett, TN Baby Photographer

What a sweet little man!  He was lots of fun to photograph but very serious. There were not lots of smiling pictures but the serious face was so very adorable. Here are a few but more to come.

H Family- Memphis, Tennessee Family Photographer

Well this is a long overdue not so sneak peek but better late than never. This was a fun session where I learned LOTS. Those kids definitely made me work. Thanks H Family for allowing me to capture a few moments.

A Must See Blog for Photographers and Anyone Interested in an Awesome Blog

Hey guys. I stumbled upon an Awesome and I do mean awesome blog in the last month or two. I was looking at another photographers Twitter and happened to see that she followed The Savvy Photographer. The name alone got my attention and I was curious so I went to the blog right away. I can honestly say I have already expanded my knowledge of photography in the short time I have known about this blog. I absolutely love the weekly, if not more, sessions with various professional photographers. They are so generous with their knowledge and it has helped me lots. I would recommend this blog to all photographers, from amateur to pro, and even those that just like a good read with a variety of interesting information. Anyway one of the photographers interviewed this week is giving away a spot in a workshop, how awesome is that. Check it out  here at The Savvy Photographer Blog. Be sure to subscribe to this blog because you definitely will not be disappointed!

Talk to you soon.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

K's Session Sneak Peek- Memphis, TN Child and Toddler Photography

She is such a precious little girl but very shy.  She was not sure what I was doing in her backyard!  She did come around when the bubbles were brought out.  These are just a few that I have processed.  I am swamped with post processing right now so I'm just trying to work as quickly as my baby boy will allow.  I never knew that I would have a 10 month old for a boss!  :)

K's Session

K's Session

K's Session

K's Session