Dana is a family and children's photographer in the Memphis area. She has been photographing professionally for two years and enjoys every minute of it. She works primarily with natural light and shoots occur on location.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Blog Redesign!!- Memphis, Tennessee Photographer

I have been working really hard today on redesigning my blog. It needed it very bad and I'm too cheap to hire anyone! Well due to my cheapness I have a super bad headache at the moment. It is so hard when you want to make a simple change and you cannot figure out how to do it. Oh well let me know your thoughts. There are more changes to come but this is enough for one day. As always thanks for stopping by!



Anonymous said...

i like the new layout! especially the slideshow at the top of the page...it's really cool!


danaculpepperphotography said...

Awww thanks Rach. You probably just like it because you are in it (haha kidding)!

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